Heritage Research Library

Our campus Library is located in the main Campus of Heritage Polytechnic, Ekot Udota,Eket Akwa Ibom State. The Library and E-learning Center. Owns varieties Books Ranging from, Science Text Books, Journals, Projects, Novels etc. It also offers facilities for students to conduct Research, Study, and work in small groups. with High-Speed wireless internet service (WI-FI)  with seating capacity of over  2000 seats, and classes, two conference rooms, and study rooms.

On-Line Library

Our digital library interface is simple, smart,intuitive and very user friendly with over 7Million Books 5Million Journals, available online.


Heritage polytechnic has made internet available in its campus by partnering with major internet service distribution companies around the world with Google Fibre provide internet directly to Heritage data Centre through METROBROADBAND,her data connectivity provides unlimited internet access with no caps or limitations to its users.

Our library exists in both physical and virtual forms. There are approximately 5,500 books on subjects relevant to Heritage Polytechnic majors. Members of Heritage Polytechnic community additionally have access to over twenty online databases, which include more than 20,000 articles from standard journals in business, social sciences, humanities, sciences, engineering and technology. Lists of the current databases are issued at least once every semester

REGISTRATION: Students and staff are expected to register with the library and obtain library access code, which are valid for one academic year only but subject to renewal; library access code are not transferable.

Campus Internet

Improving Education Through Better Connectivity

Access to the internet has become important to enhancing education, from providing more resources to connecting with educators and classes from anywhere in the world. From early education through continuing education, schools and universities are finding ways to provide their faculty and students with better access to the internet and all of the benefits it offers.

schools and libraries are looking for cost-effective ways to connect faculty, students, and parents while at school and extend connectivity throughout the campus with Wi-Fi. METROBROADBAND can provide high-speed internet to schools in rural locations beyond the reach of terrestrial and cellular services. Our managed Wi-Fi service extends the reach of internet throughout the campus and makes it easy to implement. METROBROADBAND is a category 1 ISP service provider as part of the federal E-Rate program providing high-speed internet and managed Wi-Fi services. 

Colleges and universities are looking to enrich the education experience in the classroom and on campus, by providing cost-effective internet access and Wi-Fi to all students. And, they’re reaching students beyond the campus with access to online classes and programs.Whether in the clasroom, library, or campus bus, METROBROADBAND high-speed internet and managed Wi-Fi services can make it easier and more cost-effective to reach more students. 

The Digital Services (Library) is located in the main Campus in a state- of –the- art building known as Heritage Polytechnic, Ekot Udota,Eket Akwa Ibom State. The Library and E-learning Center. The Digital Services offers facilities for students to conduct research, study, and work in small groups.  It has a seating capacity of over  2000 seats capacity 18 classes, two conference rooms, and 19 study rooms.

Wireless internet access and power for students’ laptops is provided, desktops PC’s are installed for the general use of the patrons.

The Digital Services Department collections are mostly on-line and our services are mostly provided digitally. The Digital Services unit has three Units that is supporting and advancing the research and instructional needs of the AUN community by facilitating access to scholarly information resources.

The Digital Services Department is made up of 3 units:

    • Information Literacy Unit
    • Reference and Information Services Unit
    • Research and Catalog Unit


Our collection comprising of the following databases: eBook Academic Collection (Over 118,000 ebooks), Academic Search Complete (Is the world’s most valuable and comprehensive scholarly, multi-disciplinary full-text database, with more than 8,500 full-text periodicals, including more than 7,300 peer-reviewed journals), Audiobook Collection (Search audiobooks, listen to samples, and download your selection), GreenFILE (Offers well-researched information covering all aspects of human impact to the environment).

Libraries at academic research institutions support a community of student and faculty scholars with in-depth information about a wide variety of topics. These libraries face unique challenges to making research accessible to all users, including concerns about copyrights, open-access scholarship, electronic and special collections maintenance and disambiguation of researchers. OCLC supports these libraries in their efforts to advance scholarly study through services that simplify their workflows and through library-focused research and initiatives.


SPIE Journals Open Access

Open Access



Circle Anchor

SPIE journals are dedicated to advancing the science and application of light-based technologies, and committed to broad dissemination of the scientific record. In order to help SPIE journal authors reach a broad global audience, all of our journals offer open access publication. See the chart below to find a specific journal’s open access policy.

Open Access Benefits

Why Publish with Open Access?

  1. Open access increases visibility. Open access papers are downloaded 6× more on average than papers published under subscription access control in SPIE journals.
  2. Open access enables free information exchange.
  3. Authors who have open access mandates from funders can easily comply.
  4. Open access fees support SPIE as a not-for-profit society publisher with a mission to advance light-based research and technologies for the betterment of the human condition.

When it comes to empowering ideas, we’re state of the art.

Researchers should concentrate on research, not resources. Our comprehensive, state-of-the-art facilities allow them to do just that.

This research lab is mission to carry out the widely focused research and innovation on modern technologies like:

  • New Network Technologies: NGN, Software Defined Network, IPv6
  • Wireless Communications, WSN, IoT
  • Cloud Computing and Virtualization, FOG computing, Big Data
  • Machine Learning, Natuarl Language Processing, Image Processing & AI
  • Software Engineering & Information Systems
  • Research projects on any ICT related fields.
  • Software Programing and Design


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